Our Subgroups


  • Submission on Next steps to improve Australia's settlement and integration of refugees

    May 2022

  • Submission on the proposed licensing system for the New Employment Services Model

  • Submission on the Reform of Adult Migrant English Program


  • Snapshot: Data collection in DEX


  • Snapshot: National Youth Settlement Framework (NYSF) and its application to SETS


  • Domestic and Family Violence Settlement Support - Sector Needs Analysis

    SETSCoP - June 2022

  • Facilitating the social and economic participation of refugee and vulnerable migrant women in settlement


  • Migration Council Australia's Consultation Insights Report: Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination Program rollout to migrant and refugee communities in Australia

    August 2021

  • Gender responsive settlement: Boarder learning from LGBTIQ+ refugees

    Migration Council Australia

  • Settlement sector resilience: Navigating COVID-19 and beyond