About Us

We Are

SETSCoP is a collaboration of settlement service providers across Australia, who support vulnerable migrants and refugees under the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) program.

We know that by coming together to collaborate, share best practice, innovative ideas, and our experience, we can address challenges and better settle migrants and refugees into the local community.

SETSCoP is facilitated by Migration Council Australia (MCA) in partnership with settlement service providers to enable sharing and learning, and improve outcomes for people supported through the SETS program and the wider community.

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SETSCoP facilitates:

The sharing
of best practice

Innovation and ideas
for effective settlement

Participation, collaboration
& networking
among the SETS program providers

Solutions for local, state-based & national issues affecting the settlement of vulnerable migrants and refugees who are supported under the SETS program

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What we want
to achieve

SETSCoP has the following objectives:

Greater collaboration & communicationamong the SETS program providers.

Sharing of ideas & innovation to improve settlement outcomes for newly arrived vulnerable migrants & refugees.

Identifying trends & key issues in settlement that may include barriers for people supported through the SETS program, as well as operational challenges.

Finding solutions to key issues through innovative thinking and collaborating with other SETS program providers, in addition to relevant external government and non-government stakeholders.

Developing advice to support the settlement sector and improve settlement outcomes for people supported through the SETS program.


SETSCoP Annual Forum brings together all CoP members for a face-to-face two-day national knowledge and practice sharing forum. In addition to the annual event, members participate in opt-in sub-groups that meet four-monthly. These include:

• Employment
• Youth
• Community Capacity Building
• Afghan Support
• Health and Housing Service Linkages
• Operations.

In addition, state-based COVID-19 and Best Practice, as well as state-based Domestic and Family Violence support discussions are held regularly.

These sub-groups feed into the Annual Forum. The SETSCoP Annual Forum is postponed until further notice, due to COVID-19.